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Get transparent pricing that consists of audience and content-specific professionally curated writing services that I offer. I take up-front payment and start working once you've provided me with clear instructions on the topic, keywords, and audience segment. I believe that my rates are very competitive and are a bargain considering the value it provides. 

The extent of research I put into writing every piece of content is incomparable to other writers in my price segment. The professional, authentic, SEO-optimized writing that I offer to my clients is well-encouraged and compensated.

AI-content packages are bought in bulk (Minimum 10K words). The editing, fluidity-correction, proofreading, fact-checking, and introduction of the human touch are facilitated by me and my team. With prompt engineering and thorough audience targeting, my AI content packages are similarly capable of ranking on the SERPs.


You too can generate similar articles through the general prompts offered in this PDF

I would also encourage you to visit my sample links and blog to understand the value of my writings. 

What does the pricing include? 

  • Understanding the requirements and learning about your business, audience, products, brand, and approach. 

  • Sending and receiving content briefing emails and notes. I also provide free fillable notes on request.

  • Proactive emails from me asking for more details about your requirements from the content.

  • Adhering to any guidelines that you provide. Including oxford command, headline formatting, and use of hyphens. 

  • SEO-optimized writing by following the best SEO practices. 

  • Writing original, unique, and well-researched content. 

  • Natural keyword and semantic insertion. 

  • External linking to non-competitive websites or your website. 

  • Developing authority through research. 

  • Using my personal experience across fields and using my own expertise in technical domains. 

  • Content formatting with headings, short paragraphs, and small sentences so it's comfortable to read and scan. 

  • Providing necessary examples and analogies where it's needed. 

  • Communication (Emails, initial consultation, and other questions that you have).

  • Two rounds of revisions.

  • Delivering your content on a reasonable timescale. 

  • Confirmation emails, submission emails, and invoicing. 

What the pricing doesn't include? 

  • Trying out products or services to write about them (Hourly charge). For example, if you want me to try your CRM out and test the functionalities before writing about it, I'd charge an hourly rate. 

  • The initial consultation is free. If your team needs me to join meetings, hourly charges are applied. 

  • Listening to or watching interviews, video content, and podcasts so that I can write content are charged on a per-hour basis.

  • Content management services like WordPress upload charges are invoiced per hour. 

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