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Hi, I'm Ushnish

Your Freelance Content Creator
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I'm all about research and experience-oriented content production.  That's what differentiates me from other writers and AI bots.  

My content converts because I put my time into analyzing the competition and the audience requirements even before starting to outline the first draft.


My writing style revolves around comprehensibility, navigability, and storytelling. 

I try to break technical jargon down to its core to make the piece understandable even to a 5-year-old.  

For example, if I were to talk about Credit Default Swaps (CDS), I would bring in real-world examples and analogies to make the piece more engaging. Leaving the readers searching for what derivates are, what a swap is, or what reference obligation means, ultimately increases confusion and bounce rate.  

Moreover, as I've worked as a content manager with digital marketing agencies, I know how SEO works and how to ride the tide before it reaches its peak. 

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How I can Benefit You?

- My content generates revenue for you. 

- I know how SEO works and the footwork I need to do to rank you higher. 

- As I edit my own content, typos and silly grammar won't disrupt your publishing schedule. 

- My original, research-based, data-backed content increases site authority.

- Fitting tone and readability for engagement and conversion. 

- Decreasing bounce rate with engaging backlinked content that makes your audience crave more.

- I make sure that your blog gets the highest priority when I'm working with you. Always. 

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