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I'm all about extensive research.


For your 800-word article, I'd invest at least a day or two in research and writing the piece. The research includes reading, taking notes, revising, re-reading, and outlining. 


My content converts because I put my time into analyzing the competition and the audience requirement even before starting to outline the first draft. My writing is elementary. I try to break technical jargon down to its core to make the piece more comprehensible to your intended audience.  If I were to talk about SRX300, I'd make sure to let my readers understand what an enterprise firewall is and why firewall performance matters. Leaving technical jargon to fend for its own is not my style. 

As I've worked as a content manager with digital marketing agencies, I know how SEO works and how to ride the tide before it reaches its peak. 

How I can Benefit You?

- My content generates revenue for you. 

- I know how SEO works and the footwork I need to do to set the right tone. 

- As I edit my own content, typos and silly grammar won't disrupt your publishing schedule. 

- My original, research-based, data-backed content increases site authority.

- Fitting tone and readability for engagement and conversion. 

- Decreasing bounce rate with engaging backlinked content that makes your audience crave for more.

- I make sure that your blog gets the highest priority when I'm working with you. I don't work with more than 2 clients in a given length of time. 

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