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Hi, I'm Ushnish

Your Freelance Content Creator
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I'm all about research and experience-oriented content production.  That's what differentiates me from other writers and AI bots.  

My content converts because I put my time into analyzing the competition and the audience requirements even before starting to outline the first draft.


My writing style revolves around comprehensibility, navigability, and storytelling. 

I try to break technical jargon down to its core to make the piece understandable even to a 5-year-old.  

For example, if I were to talk about Credit Default Swaps (CDS), I would bring in real-world examples and analogies to make the piece more engaging. Leaving the readers searching for what derivates are, what a swap is, or what reference obligation means, ultimately increases confusion and bounce rate.  

Moreover, as I've worked as a content manager with digital marketing agencies, I know how SEO works and how to ride the tide before it reaches its peak. 

About AI-assisted writing: 

You may find my AI-generated content pricing here. However, a few things you must take into consideration before hiring me as your AI-assisted content creator/editor. 

While I may be able to produce 10K high-quality words in 2-3 days for you with AI, most of the time it lacks both meaningful insight and wit that makes an informative article engaging. Despite my efforts and contribution to making it more "human", it inevitably lacks in a few departments where we thrive. This may include: 

  •  Inability to learn continuously.
    Even if it's connected to the internet, its inability to interview and interact promotes its ineffectiveness in the long term. 

  • Absence of fact-checking.
    I was using ChatGPT to create content for a client and asked it to generate a few examples of "clearinghouse services (financial mediators)". It literally included two companies that clean houses with the legitimate examples. 

  • Plagiarism.
    In most cases, the same prompts generate the same result for every user in the world. Without prompt engineers like me, you're nowhere near ranking your domain in competitive niches. 

  • and many more. 


I fix those issues with AI for you.


If your objective solely is SEO gains and filling your domain with content, I would advocate for AI-assisted content. However, for in-depth output, I would recommend hiring me as the natural writer I am.   

The AI content packages come equipped with detailed prompts, proofreading, fact-checking, and rewriting to introduce the human touch. Otherwise, the mundane nature of AI content usually increases the bounce rate and decreases conversion.

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How I can Benefit You?

- My content generates revenue for you. 

- I know how SEO works and the footwork I need to do to rank you higher. 

- As I edit my own content, typos and silly grammar won't disrupt your publishing schedule. 

- My original, research-based, data-backed content increases site authority.

- Fitting tone and readability for engagement and conversion. 

- Decreasing bounce rate with engaging backlinked content that makes your audience crave more.

- I make sure that your blog gets the highest priority when I'm working with you. Always. 

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